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In 2010 the Dalai Lama said

“Western Women will save the world.”


i! I’m Jacqui Owen, and when I first heard the above quotation I was so excited!

Yay, the world is going to be saved, there is hope!
Next thought was how???

Then I started meeting amazing courageous women, stepping out from mainstream ideas, becoming visible and finding ways to work in alignment with their values, bringing their Unique Genius to the world.

Women like YOU!

I would love to be a part of your journey and support you in sharing your gifts with the world through creating a website with you which truly communicates you and your message to your audience;
and offers a tool to meet and streamline some of the logistics of business. (who doesn’t love synergy??!)

If you are interested in finding out more – please have a look around and reach out.
I look forward to having a chat. 🙂

Jacqui xx

Under Construction

Classic story !! I think we all know a car mechanic, who has a car which never runs at 100% or the builder whose house is never finished!

I am very grateful,
this business has grown organically through word of mouth, through helping other businesses.

Winning right??

I will get the site updated so you can learn more about me, my values, what working with me looks like and what my business offers.

In the meantime to connect with me please use the form below or give me a call.

You can also reach me on Facebook Messenger

Ph: 0408 697 298

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Do I need a Website?

The short answer is YES!!!

A Website gives your business control over your content and communication.
Sure you can use other online platforms for business and should, but what happens if they disappear tomorrow or for some reason your business is banned??
Take control of your online resources.

How Do I Build A Website?

Contact a Web Designer! Start a conversation!
Choose to work with someone you feel comfortable with, for example, ME!!

Actually, this is really important – if you do not feel comfortable and supported, you won’t trust your website designer and important nuances in your brand and brand values may not be communicated to your audience.